Charity & Social Welfare
Based In Punjab India, ELINA Foundation is teaming up with the corporate world and established business sector with a aim to tap into their CSR resources, philanthropic outreach programs & community support initiatives in order to provide support, build capacity, and integrate individuals into mainstream society who have traditionally been suppressed in health, education, technology, economic and developmental domains .Our Key focus areas are healthcare, education, sustainable livelihood, and espousing social causes with the active patronage of corporate houses and companies . Our operational finances are drawn from the CSR funding and we are purely an execution body that helps its donors effectively execute their plans and bring about a measurable change among the target communities. We adapt to the innovative concepts, breaking away from the traditional and routine CSR practices by linking the donor and receiver through our ‘smart partnership model” and adhere to the highest standards of transparency and measurable end results. We give visibility to our donors and give sense and purpose to their social outreach initiatives. Our USP is the strong adherence to accountability transparency and result assessment towards our donors; whom we uniquely connect to their target segments for building high impact relationships , improve perceptions, curate reputations and by showcasing the best practices of NGOs around the world.

Elina is a non political, Non religious & Nongovernmental private service entity working with a mission to actualize the potential of marginalized people living in villages, remote habitations and slums through provision of community empowerment, vocational education, skill advancement, health care, women empowerment and providing meaningful direction to the vulnerable youth . We do not operate in a standalone mode; rather lend our services to our donors - both individual and corporate to help them effectively reach out to the target communities in the above stated domains. Our foundation draws its financial, logistical & operational sustenance purely out of our donors funding either through Service changes or on a percentage basis in a non profit mode. We are a registered body under the registration name Elina foundation Pvt. Limited.

Principal Activities:
  • Setting up of medical clinics and health awareness camps in the remote villages and interiors habitations, which lack access to tertiary and advance health Care.
  • Vocational training: Indigenous skill identification, development and enhancement Programs organized for unemployed rural youth, vulnerable to social evils like contraband usage and drug addiction
  • Skill Training programs for marginalized sections especially women include handicrafts, domestic waste management, community health & hygiene in line with the Swach Bharat initiative of the Government of India
  • Taking technology to peoples doorsteps in the countryside and impart elementary awareness & necessary skill to enable routine modern life operations linked with technology in line with the Digital India initiative.
  • Women’s development program: Organizing women into self-help groups, promotion of savings and credit activities, and small businesses development through microfinance